Dusty's Story

Dusty was diagnosed with Ulcerative Colitis (UC) in January 2018. He fought the battle against UC for a month. Doctors prescribed  steroids and a double dose of Remicade to combat the UC. Unfortunately, the steroids and Remicade were unsuccessful in treating his condition. Dusty's condition worsened and his body continued to deteriorate. IV's were administered for multiple blood transfusions and daily nutrition. Dusty was bedridden for nearly a month leading to severe weight loss (40 lbs!), decreased strength and stamina, and inability to walk. Ultimately, his body succumbed to the severity of Ulcerative Colitis. Dusty's entire colon was removed late January 2018. For 6 months after his colon was removed he lived with the trials and daily struggles of life with an ileostomy. Dusty had to learn which ostomy supplies were important to have on hand when he was not at home. He learned ways to change his ostomy bags efficiently and with limited odor, and which products helped him feel more comfortable  in his new body. His biggest challenge was learning how his body now processed food. In April, his surgeons created a new colon out of his small intestines, called a JPouch. In June, he had his final surgery to complete the process of putting his intestines back inside so that he could live without an external ostomy bag. He now has a new normal, but is back to living life, enjoying being outdoors and playing with his kids. He has regained his weight, strength and zest for life. 

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