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Our Goals

Our main goal is to create 10 care packages per month to be delivered to each hospital.  These boxes are gifted to patients that have recently had colorectal surgery.  Care packages are filled with products that will ease the transition from the hospital to home. Packages contain every day items that are needed for comfort and ease once patients are in the comforts of their own home.

Care Packages

A secondary goal is to provide medical equipment , specifically the Sara Stedy for the nurses and staff at THR Dallas. The Sara Stedy is a mobility-promoting support aid that encourages more mobile patients and residents to stand up independently. This goal was met in June 2020. We cannot wait to hear about the impact it is making!

Medical Equipment

Through our own journey, we have found the value of working through situations with a counselor. We want to be able to give away what has been give to us. We believe that counseling gives everyone, patients and families, the opportunity to  heal, learn and grow.


Upcoming Event

We will be selling Poinsettas for Patients at the beginning of November. Money raised will go towards our care packages and the poinsettas will be donated to one of the THR hospitals during the Christmas season to lift the spirits of patients on the colorectal floor. 

Fundraising Events

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